Developed a phobia

I scare the living daylights out of myself
Back and forth I fight inside
Of who I am going to be that day and why
Pushing outside to live and breath
Let myself be me 
No questions asked
Love who I came to be
My skin scarred 
Heart with bars
Mind entwined 
With razors and vines
Who is actually in there
Peeks out for moments 
Then I’m lost for days
Don’t speak you “double-minded” fool
They say you can’t even think for you
Medicated till I drop
Who even knows the real me
Lots and lots of laughter 
Clever sarcasm 
Drifting thoughts 
Sleep a must
Seems like pixie dust
Capture me, somebody…
Love me like I am, whoever that may be.
I beg of you.
See me through. 
Don’t leave before you experience 
My loyalty. 
My love and loyalty. 


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