The war shall carry on within the two sides of me.

My blood seeps through my veins in peace on one side
Then rushes in tirades on the other side of me.
One day I will tear the whole world down in unwavering bravery.
The next I bury the sunlight and lie down in my own grave.
The light hides the darkness and the darkness charades as light
Should I let go of what is left of serenity in my path?
My soul wants to hold on to the wings of angels above
But then my heart wants to look down deep into the crevices of nothingness and loneliness.
Will I wake up tomorrow conquering the battle or dying in a blood bath?
Soaring with the winds or dying in the tornado cycles?
Wasted breath lies in wonder, of the two sides of me, which will I wake up to?
Will I reach for the moonlight whilst listening to the waves crash below me?
Or will I fall upon broken stars that will scar me forever?
I shall arise each day and ponder which mask of the two sides of me should I wear?
There is nothing left anymore, she has died, all is left is the two sides of me.


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