​There are some days I wonder if I’ve truly woken up, whether I’m being controlled by some gamer or by a puppeteer pulling invisible strings. 

Life can feel quite daunting sometimes, I’m somewhat disassociated, someone else in control of the words that leave my mouth. The urge to shout profanities like a upcoming sneeze. I hold it so hard I can no longer breathe… I feel like someone is pulling me from beneath.
I have shown feelings to people I’ve trusted with my heart,  I’ve taken time to help them understand who I truly am, I’m not a simple person, I’m not a simple soul, but I am worth knowing, I know this of myself. 
My needs are not many, my feelings complete… I will fight the negativity with every part of myself. 
I am stronger than I give myself credit for, and I have doubted myself…  There have been moments when the negative thoughts have overtaken the positivity I try to hold close. 
I keep on getting up…  I won’t give up…  I will always fight for the better parts of myself


One thought on “Dissociation and negativity, I want to breathe without you pulling down on me! 

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