Voices play and they also taunt…  They snigger at you when you try to rest,  and can’t catch a wink of sleep… Leaving you there listening,  even over music or film, so people wonder why there’s so much going on…  TV on as well as a laptop with music, and possibly a game on my phone. 

Visits to the doctor become disheartening because they can’t offer any advice other than to carry on taking the medication which is obviously not doing it’s job. 

It affects relationships with family,  friends and that someone special in your life…  And makes you feel they’d be better off without you. 

Why do I feel so weak when people see me as strong. One minute I’ll be fine…  And the next crying. One day be able to cope…  And the next struggling to even keep my eyes open.

Wishing one day just to wake up with some kind of normal…  Whatever normal is…  It most definitely isn’t this! 


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