There are times when I wish I could wake up, thinking life is just a vivid nightmare I’m stuck within. I imagine that Earth is just a marble being played in an intergalactic game of time and space. 

I wonder why people fear my mental illness, my diagnosis is just that…  It doesn’t define my personality, or who I truly am. 

I watch the news and see these groups bombing, shooting, killing,  and see what real madness is… I am not a threat, I can rationalise… And understand right from wrong. 

I worry that I may never be taken seriously,  or trusted by those close…  There is so much that is unknown about my future, yet with every day there is something that keeps me wanting to push on. 

Life is far from easy, a rollercoaster ride of emotion, I hope that I’m strong enough to hold on tight. 


One thought on “The quest for normality 

  1. I love how honest your words are. I struggle with depression and OCD and understand what it is like to feel like an outsider. You’re not alone. Being misunderstood is one of the loneliest feelings, I hope you know that there are many people in our situation and that ‘lonely’ is probably the biggest club; even if it doesn’t feel like it. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


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