I walk through these woods

As twilight deepens, sun sighing
Itself to sleep, and I wonder
About this mystery called self

Does the night have eyes
To wisen and watch my descent 
Into far corners of yesterday
Back when you were whole and free

To tell me to **** off and go
Fold the laundry already
Stop watching me, why the hell
Are you always **** WATCHING ME

I turn my head away, grateful
For the raunchy yet welcome respite
Because honestly it’s unbearably
Lonely watching you willfully

Desperately choose 
To kill your former self. 
Down a  twisted, darkening well
Straight jackets croon. A padded cell. 

White cotton whispers, sighs
You worry tattered, frayed edges
Grasping threads, mismatched lengths 
Each one a lie you told yourself

I can drink one more bottle 
I can take one more hit
This is my chance man
To dance naked in a lightning storm

Even God can’t stop me now
I am all-knowing, king of the wind
Watch me fly fearless and free
Watch me mommy, watch meeeee…

Watch me grovel, twist and torque
Writhing my body wormlike
I would eat the darkening earth
Anything, anything at all to feel numb 

To be a boy again. A boy
Who so loved the world
He flew high and free
Just us, man. Icarus. You. Me.


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