Up When Down
Fear, pain, misery and doubt
Bound and unlimited
Enlightened height flies away

So fast, hard to see
Always reaching
Back and front
Wondering is this me

How am I perceived
With every word begins a question
With every thought the realization
The lows a heavy blow
Asking and answering
Why me, why not
Giving in with every answer
This train never stops

Deeper still with every thought
As Blind men find time
A shout
Of scrambled help
Seconds thirds fifths and tenths
Whispers only doubt

Is this it
A lasting choice
For all too many
Without hope, we are plenty

Failure still
The ride back up
Ashamed and hopeful
seeing no one
Still no luck

A vision of me
As the mirrors pass
Prayer for something clearer
straining for traction
On the glass

Fleeting moment
With reflection
Always moving
Without direction


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