Insanity – Alistair Muir 2016

And in your deepest recess find,
That vision of your confined mind,
Where lunatics free hold the rein,
This thought that drives you quite insane;

No liberty, just like a bird,
Which now fly free, quite the absurd,
Reality turned inside out,
Inside you want to scream and shout;

But silence reigns, you stem the urge,
Attempt to shake this vision, purge
Your conscious mind and bring on peace,
To wake and grant a swift release.


Anxiety – Linnikreg

It finds me when i sleep
And when i am awake
It hunts me down
And calls my name
It takes me with its claws
Holds me down
And takes my breath
Someone take this beast out of me
It’s killing me

Like a demon it obsesses me
Turns off my memory
Shuts out everyone i know
It resets my whole brain
And leaves me with pain
Untill there’s nothing left but fear
I fall to the ground
And crumble
I feel like exploding
All i do is weep
This sits so deep

Up When Down – Joshua Wilson

Up When Down
Fear, pain, misery and doubt
Bound and unlimited
Enlightened height flies away

So fast, hard to see
Always reaching
Back and front
Wondering is this me

How am I perceived
With every word begins a question
With every thought the realization
The lows a heavy blow
Asking and answering
Why me, why not
Giving in with every answer
This train never stops

Deeper still with every thought
As Blind men find time
A shout
Of scrambled help
Seconds thirds fifths and tenths
Whispers only doubt

Is this it
A lasting choice
For all too many
Without hope, we are plenty

Failure still
The ride back up
Ashamed and hopeful
seeing no one
Still no luck

A vision of me
As the mirrors pass
Prayer for something clearer
straining for traction
On the glass

Fleeting moment
With reflection
Always moving
Without direction