I try to see the positive in everything…. and get through the day with at least one genuine smile, or feeling of achievement. To see another’s smile,  or know I have changed someone’s day makes a difference only I see, or feel. I’m learning things about myself with every day, and I know this is something that will happen… It isn’t a bad thing, I know myself well, but I learn… I feel… and think too much sometimes… I’m far from perfect,  but I am a good person. I see the negatives, and I hope the positives outweigh them… I guess I should say… underneath this sometimes tough looking exterior, I’m actually sometimes as delicate as everyone else, and with my lows this is something that is even more true. With every day there are different feelings… All I can do is ride this rollercoaster they call life… and hope I survive the ups and downs.. and twists and turns.


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