I honestly believe that DC’s Batman depicts mental illness in a way which could misinterpreted in a negative sense. Although I really do love the Batman series of comics, graphic novels, and films, I also worry it’s depiction of mental illness could do more harm than good.

The Asylum in Arkham has many, described as criminally insane. Do people with mental ill health deserve to be locked away, and feared, rather than helped?

Saying this fans have learnt to love the bad as well as good characters in the series.

Batman himself is not a simple character, he seems to battle with his mind more than any of the bad guys and girls. We all know the story, a young Bruce Wayne witnesses his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne’s death at the hands of mugger Joe Chill.

He vows to avenge their deaths, and uncover the reason why they were targeted that night, and why Bruce himself wasn’t killed alongside them. He holds his fear close to his heart, and on many an occasion this has caused anguish, and thoughts that deceive his wish for all things good and just.

I have drawn some pieces which depict some of the characters within quotes and typography. I hope you all like…


The Bat depicts the Batman, the very symbol cast into the sky when he is needed to assist the Commissioner Gordon. The quote I feel is quaint, and most relevant to use, due to Batman’s power struggle with himself.


The Joker: “Why So Serious?”A design which has been done, but I had to do my own version as part of this. The words also form the characters hair, eyes and lips. A haunting design, but very interesting. Joker himself a very creepy clown, yet clowns are fun, interesting and live for the laughter of others… Not this clown. Therefore the question itself is somewhat rhetoric as he means to be taken seriously.


The Penguin: The Penguin, disfigured and extremely hard to read. He is a power hungry man who has nothing but pure hatred for those who have shunned him. He hates mankind so much that he considers himself to be a Penguin, a freak. The quote is relevant therefore, as Penguin embraces his difference, whilst Batman hides behind a mask.


The Riddler: A mysterious and tricky man, very proud of himself and his clever mind. He taunts his enemies with riddles and puzzles which could mean life or death for them, or his captured. The quote “Riddle me this” therefore gives the required wonder as to what he would be asking next.


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